Peter Williamson

Peter Williamson

Partner, Executive Producer

Peter began his career shortly after graduating from the London International Film School with his first independent documentary film, The Breakthrough. The film became highly successful and went on to win numerous accolades including the Best Independent Production Award from the Academy of Canadian Film and Television. This success spawned the partnership between Peter and Ira Levy and the inception of Breakthrough Entertainment.

As executive producer on Breakthrough Entertainment’s television properties, Peter shares the responsibility of overseeing development, finance and production on some of the most intriguing documentary, lifestyle and drama series, as well as factual, medical and health programs.

Peter also oversees post-production on many of Breakthrough’s projects. His passion for television, film and the arts has translated into a thriving business, producing over 2100 half-hours of programming and establishing Breakthrough as one of Canada’s most respected providers of television programming.


Ira Levi

Ira Levy

Partner, Executive Producer

Michael McGuigan

Partner, Chief Financial Officer
President, Distribution

Nat Abraham

Partner, President, Distribution
Craig McGillivray

Craig McGillivray

Vice President, Distribution

Nahid Islam

Head of Post Production

Beth Fraikorn

Head of Alternative Content, USA