Captain Flamingo: Uh-Oh Flamingo!

Winner of the  2007 Canadian New Media Award  for ‘Excellence in Gaming’.

Nominated at the 2008 CFTPA Indie Awards for ‘Best Convergent New Media’ category.

Captain Flamingo’s greatest enemy is back! The Warrior Monkey has struck the Halverston pet store, letting dozens of fluffy pets escape. Join Captain Flamingo in this action adventure game as he rescues the pets, while also responding to “Uh-Oh Flamingo” calls from kids in trouble. In the online game there are:

Four kids in trouble therefore four missions! The player solves each mission by guiding Captain Flamingo through a series of action and puzzle levels.

Story and character-based game play that uses our superhero’s unique abilities and features the television series’ favourite characters.

An advanced scoring system that ensures replay value. Secret paths, codes and bonus items are seen throughout each mission

Simple but addictive game mechanics that keeps the game play fresh and make it accessible to the age group that the game targets – kids aged 6-10

Developed by Breakthrough Entertainment in association with Sarbakan. Produced in association with YTV.

Produced with the generous support of the Telefilm Canada New Media Fund and the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund.

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