Dino Dan

Following the lead of the TV property, DinoDan.com presents key learning concepts about dinosaurs in a modern day setting. The website features a visually striking series of lush, 3D animated hubs full of a wide variety of different dinosaur related games and compelling learning tools.

Some of DinoDan.com key features include :

– A virtual Dig Site where users utilize paleontology tools to unearth prehistoric bones and assemble Dinosaurs that can be used to both play games and unlock educational content.

-Citysaurus: An exciting five-level side scrolling game where users switch between different dinosaurs to stomp and eat their way through a modern day setting as fast as possible.

– Dinocyclopedia: Each dinosaur the user collects, unlocks a robust profile in the Dinocyclopedia including video content, wireframe rotations, skeleton views, walk cycles and sound effects.

DinoDan.com was produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment Inc. with the generous support of Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Canada Media Fund and TVOKids. It is distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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