Jimmy Two Shoes: Misery and Mayhem

Jimmy Two-Shoes is an irrepressible, thrill-seeking optimist, who finds himself in a place called Miseryville — the most miserable place on Earth, run by megalomaniacal chief executive, Lucius Heinous the Seventh!

Join Jimmy and Lucius, in this action adventure game and play in one of two modes through eight missions in four fun filled locations that are packed with your favourite characters from the show, as well as all the hilarious ‘villians’ of Miseryville from the Frustrabots to the Weavils.


Eight missions located in four locations! The player chooses to play as either Lucius or Jimmy giving the missions two very different perspectives!

Story and character-based game play that capitalizes on the main characters unique features while also including the television series’ other favourite characters

A scoring system that ensures replay value.

Players get to enter their score in a high score table as well as getting a ranking on the ‘Misery Meter’.

Simple but addictive game mechanics that keep the game play fresh and accessible to the age group that the game targets: kids aged 6-10.

Developer: Breakthrough New Media/Silverbirch Studios

Distributor: Breakthrough New Media

Release Date: March 2009

Platform: Online

Genre: Character Action

Minimum System Requirements: 1 GHZ with 128 megs of RAM PC Computer or Apple G4 1 GHZ

Developed by Breakthrough New Media and Silverbirch Studios. Produced with the generous assistance of the Telefilm Canada New Media Fund and the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund. Produced in association with Teletoon.


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