Max & Shred: Mr. Papadopoulos’ Game Arcade

Shaw Rocket Prize Finalist!

The interactive for Season Two provides fans of the show with a whole new suite of games.
Mr. Papadopoulos act as the virtual assistant for the following three arcade games:

  • TOBAGGAN FUN All four kids pile into a tobaggon for an exhilarating ride down one of Blizzard Springs loooongest runs! Can they make it safely to the bottom and avoid all of the runs many pitfalls?
  • PIGGLES ON THE LOOSE On the day of the big Science Fair Howie’s super-smart piglet ‘Piggles’ has escaped and is running wild amongst the exhibits creating havoc! The player is charged with keeping Piggles safe and back in the arms of Howie.
  • YETI RUN Oh no – the Yeti is on the loose in Blizzard Springs! He is on a rampage chasing all four of the kids through town! Each has to escape the Yeti and get to a ‘safe spot’ in order for the player to win the game.

Mr. Papadopoulos’ Game Arcade is programmed in HTML5. Produced with the generous support of the Shaw Rocket Fund, YTV and Nickelodeon. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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