Plastic Makes Perfect 

Plastic Makes Perfect asks irreverent questions such as: Are bigger breasts really better? Could a flat stomach lead to a better sex life? Can plastic surgery turn a lonely man to a loved one? Does beauty really beat out brains at work? Are men only one nip and tuck away from success? Is there such a thing as a perfect “10”?  Each episode of this funny, fast-paced pop doc looks at a prevalent belief or fear about beauty. The series then puts that belief to the test through cosmetic plastic surgery and often hilarious social experiments.

This set of seven three minute webisodes compliments the full episodes by bringing the viewer into the workshop to witness the oh-so-real transformation. Loaded with bonus behind-the-scenes footage, and revealing special effects make-up techniques, these webisodes recap the findings of the social experiment and give the audience a nugget of trivia to mull over.  Humorous and informative, these are sure to be a hit.

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