Rocket Monkeys

Rocket Monkeys Online blasts kids into outer space with Gus and Wally in a series of three online games:

• Monkeys vs Gorillas:
Red Alert: The Monkeys get a distress call from Dr. Chimpsky—Lord Peel is attacking GASI! The monkeys are six planets away and their arch rivals the Space Gorillas are already en route! Gus and Wally are determined to beat those no-good ‘rillas in this race, get there first and save the day.

• Monkey Business:
Uh oh! The Rocket Monkeys have racked up an enormous bill at the G.A.S.I Cafe and since they have no money, Dr. Chimpsky insists that they’ll have to work off their debt or they will lose their rocket! Gus is on diner duty while Wally is in the kitchen as they try to earn as much dough as they can.

• Monkeys on a Mission:
Gus and Wally have secured a case of ice from the Planet Brrr and are heading back to headquarters when they run into trouble! Piloting the rocket ship every asteroid, rogue planet, and space villain has to be avoided or shot down before the Monkeys can make it safely back to G.A.S.I.

Produced with the generous support of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund , the Shaw Rocket Fund’s Digital Media Stream and TELETOON.


• Monkeys to the Rescue:

An explosion aboard the Rocket Chicken ship has sent the feathered explorers flying through space. Dr. Chimpsky puts Gus and Wally on a rescue mission: they must catch as many of the falling Rocket Chickens as they can, all the while avoiding the pesky space debris ricocheting around them.

• Monkeys on the Run:

Dr Chimpsky has sent the boys and YAY-OK to the Garbage Planet for clean-up duty. But as they’re making their way back to the ship on foot, they stumble upon the terrifying Garbage Beast! In a race for their lives, Gus and Wally must rely on YAY-OK like never before!

Produced with the generous support of TELETOON


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