Science Max 2: Experiments at Large

This mobile responsive website and App (for iOS and Android) focuses on Season Two of the series and offers two new science based games:

Tower Down
In one of the episodes Phil demonstrates that making something solid is all about knowing how to build it, not necessarily about what material is used. In Tower Down players are asked to reverse engineer that concept, and test how quickly they can take a structure to the ground!

Light Up
Phil devotes an entire episode to experimenting with light and lasers to understand reflection and refraction. In Light Up we explore these same concepts online, by asking players to navigate light beams through Phil’s studio to reach a set target.

Kids can continue to test their science trivia with an all NEW set of Max Fax and download NEW experiments to try at home in the Table Top Experiments section.

Produced with the generous support of the Shaw Rocket Fund’s Digital Stream and TVOKids.

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