Science Max: Experiments at Large

Winner of the 2017 Canadian Screen Award for ‘Best Cross-Platform Project Children and Youth’

Nominated for ‘Best Cross Platform – Kids’ at the 2016 Digi Awards. 

The Science Max website is an online laboratory for young scientists, inventors and fans of the series.  It fully converges with the shows premise of experimentation, invention and fun and allows kids to take a hands-on, interactive approach to the science concepts underlined in the series.

The website is comprised of:

Maxed Out Games:

Each of the following two games takes a maxed out, super charged experiment that Phil performs in the series and transforms it into inventive, fully charged online game. In both games experimentation and testing is the key to success!

•Bridge Works

A massive bridge is built in one of the episodes — out of pasta — and Phil tests whether it will support a car!  Players can build and test their own pasta bridge in Bridge Works. The concept of structural strength — and the notion of strong and stable structures – is fully investigated.

•The Catapult

A great way to illustrate the forces that cause movement is through experimentation with a catapult and Phil supersizes and tests out a massive catapult on the show. We let young scientists work on the concepts of forces, mechanical and external movement and direction by experimenting with their own online catapult.

Max Fax:

Max Fax are standalone, random snippets of science info and trivia that Phil explains in one continuous, moving monologue in the series. Online we provide this same information but in a completely different way: interactive quizzes and polls will all be utilized to organize this info in a fun and user-friendly way.

The Table Top Experiments:

Information is clearly provided so kids at home can conduct the same table top experiments that Phil demonstrates in each episode. It’s a valuable resource for both budding scientists and educators.

Science Max Online is programmed in HTML5  so that all of the content can be accessible on  both PC and mobile devices. The site has also be converted into an App and uploaded to the iOS and Android storefronts for download  — guaranteeing maximum reach for the demographic  of 7-11 year olds.

Produced with the generous support of the Shaw Rocket Fund’s Digital Stream and TVOKids.


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