The Adventures of Napkin Man Interactive

In the preschool television series The Adventures of Napkin Man the social and emotional challenges of early childhood are met head-on and transformed into fun, with well thought-out coping strategies and interactive play; young children are empowered to become part of the solution and talking, feeling and understanding are important.

In The Adventures of Napkin Man e-books the goal is the same: to help children develop a better understanding of how their emotions and actions affect not only themselves but all those around them.

Each of the e-books (1 for web and 3 for iOS) open with a tale of a child facing an emotional challenge. Napkin Man provides help and coping strategies and then offers to tell the child a story about a similar experience. As in the series, pre-school teacher Mister Anthony frames the experience and he also acts as the narrator in the e-books.

The many different interactive features in the e-books — songs, small games and various activities – allow young readers to not only participate in the coping strategies but ultimately help Napkin Man and his friends as they work through the issues and emotions featured in that story.

The e-books are designed so they can be played either by the child on their own or as a co-viewing experience where the parents can narrate the books to their children.

Produced with the generous support of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, the Shaw Rocket Fund’s Digital Media Stream and CBC. Produced and distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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