Think Big Invention Machine

The Think Big Invention Machine is aimed at kids aged 6-9 years old and contains sixteen fun levels. Rich in interaction and based on solid science curricula, the game challenges kids to build and manipulate different objects and pathways in each level in order to solve a series of problems. The process of trying different things and testing to see what happens — learning through experimentation and invention — is a core part of the game. Kids have to brainstorm, devise, try, adjust, and find the right balance to beat the laws of physics and build the perfect setup to get their object to the finish line. An animated version of Jason Jia—who is also the host of the television series – is the game’s host, providing instructions, encouragement and feedback at each turn.

Produced for TVO Kids. Produced with the generous support of the Shaw Rocket Fund’s Digital Media Stream and TVOKids.

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