Zerby Derby Game Arcade

The Zerby Derby Game Arcade features all new games that teach preschoolers the same STEM subjects covered in the Season Three television episodes. The Zerbie’s enthusiasm, resilience and penchant for fun shines through as they happily tackle each challenge with their mantra of ‘try, try, again’. The arcade features the following three games:

•Rhythm and Race: Axle sets up a racing course through Zerby Town — one that has a series of sharp turns left and right, narrow paths to race through and holes to jump over –and then challenges Lily or Zack to complete it without missing a move!

•Airport Repair: Flynn the plane needs to land at the Zerby Town Airport but there is a large hole on the landing strip! The player takes on the role of Sandy the bulldozer and with help from Dotty the drone is tasked with fixing it by using a number of different types of material.

•Forest Run: Lily designs a driving course in Zerby forest that has a number of different obstacles– from rocks to trees to puddles. Before she and Zack can drive through it, she challenges Zack to recreate the entire course from memory!

The Zerby Derby Game Arcade is produced in English and French and programmed in HTML5. The arcade will also be converted into an App and made available on the Google Play and Apple stores.

Produced and distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment with the generous support of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, TVOKids and TFO.

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