Zerby Derby Interactive – E-books

Nominated at the 2013 Digi Awards for  ‘Best Cross Platform Kids’ . Nominated at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards for ‘Best Cross-Platform Project Children and Youth’.

In the Zerby Derby interactive e-books the reader explores, discovers and solves problems along with the Zerbies in three adventure stories:

Hide and Seek – Zack and Rex are playing hide and seek. But Rex is too big (and too yellow) to do a very good job at hiding. First Rex tries hiding behind a rock, but he’s too big. Then he tries hiding in leaves, but the leaves blow away. He tries hiding in sticks, but there aren’t enough of them to cover him. But Rex is determined to try, try again until he finds a way to hide so Zack can’t find him.

Up in A Tree – Chase the helicopter starts sleep flying while taking a nap. Zack and Lily try to wake him, but not before he crashes into a tree and gets stuck at the top.  Zack, Lily and Strut the crane try to free their sleepy friend from the tree.

Upstream – Zack and Lily are exploring when they discover a whole new pond. They tell Bob the boat about it and he tries to get there by driving up the stream that connects it to Zerby Town Lake, but the stream is too fast and too steep at parts. Even with Zack pulling it doesn’t look like it’s going to work. But Lily might have the solution, they just need to try, try again.

Parents can share the experience with their child by choosing the Read to Me option, and listen as the story is narrated by Zack.  Each word is highlighted as it is read, and small animations play as the story progresses.  Young readers can re-play the animations by activating them through touch.  By selecting the Read by Myself option parents can read the book to their children and watch as they enjoy exploring the animations and sayings that can be activated on each page. For iOS and Android platforms.

In each of the e-books  experimentation and problem solving are presented in the best way: with enthusiasm, humour and no fear of wrong results.  As in the television series, kids are exposed to many preschool physical science concepts in a fun and engaging way.

Produced with the generous support of the Shaw Rocket Fund’s Digital Stream, the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, the Canada Media Fund, TFO and TVOKids. Produced and distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.


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