L.M. Montgomery’s Anne Of Green Gables

| 1 x 90

Imagine the late 1800’s in Prince Edward Island, Canada. A land of rolling green hills, fields of red earth ready for planting, and all of it surrounded by a black and crashing sea.

Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are a pair of elderly siblings who live a quiet and sensible life on their small farm, Green Gables. They recognize they can no longer keep up with daily chores and their solution to the problem is to adopt a boy from an orphanage in the province of Nova Scotia.

The child Matthew picks up at the Avonlea train station is not a boy but a precocious eleven-year-old girl with red hair, done in pigtails. Just so, he meets Anne Shirley – a loquacious and emotionally effervescent GIRL who is as absorbed as much in her transcendent imaginings as she is in nature’s raw and infinite beauty.

When Marilla sees the situation, she’s beside herself, “You aren’t a girl, you’re a boy. We didn’t order a girl! We ordered a boy! Oh no, this simply won’t do. Tomorrow morning you must go back.”

And so begins the moving and amusing, Anne of Green Gables, a rambunctious journey of an outcast child that leads to the discovery family, friends, community and the experience of finding one’s true home.

Marilla gives Anne a reprieve and allows her to stay at Green Gables, but the possibility of sending Anne elsewhere remains. Although Anne has ‘a beat’ for getting into trouble, tangled situations get unwound without dire consequences. Anne discovers Matthew is a true kindred spirit and becomes bosom companions with Diana. Anne manages to touch the hearts of everyone in Avonlea; even crusty Marilla feels her heart turned.

When a letter comes from Montreal with the offer of a wealthy adoptive family for Anne, Matthew and Marilla face a difficult decision.

Shaw Rocket Prize Winner 2016

Kidscreen Award Winner 2017: ‘Best One-Off, Special or TV Movie’ (Tweens/Teens Category)

Director: John Kent Harrison
Writer: Susan Coyne
Starring: Ella Ballentine, Martin Sheen, Sara Botsford

Produced and distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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