Between the Sheets

| 10 x 30

Genre: Factual

Format: 10 x 30

Produced in Association with W Network

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment Inc.

Between the Sheets with Rebecca Rosenblat is a sexy how-to guide for any couple looking to get more pleasure out of their intimate encounters.

Each episode focusses on one couple’s challenge in the bedroom. Perhaps she is more sexually adventurous than he, and is getting bored, or perhaps he enjoys receiving oral sex more than she enjoys giving it; or the heat has simply died down over time. These couples realize that if their sex lives don’t improve, their relationships could be in serious trouble.

Their premier guide in this quest is our resident sexpert, Rebecca Rosenblat, who gets to know our couple, assigns them some homework, and sends them to workshops that are funny and sexy, occasionally provocative, but always exciting and informative. Rebecca then meets our couple again a few weeks later to get a sense of their renewed relationship. What’s working, and what’s not working? Have there been any setbacks? Our viewers observe a couple beginning a transformation, having their concerns addressed, and, hopefully, setting out on the path to a happier and healthier relationship, both between the sheets and beyond.

So if you’re trying to re-ignite the flames of early intimacy, or go to sensual places you didn’t even know existed, Between the Sheets with Rebecca Rosenblat will get your juices flowing.

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