Captain Flamingo

| 52 x 30'/104 x 11'

In a world where grown-ups rule and kids don’t get much respect, who is there to watch out for them?

Who can save them from problems like a tree house full of mutant squirrels, a hair-destroying barber, or a bathing suit gone missing in the deep end of the pool?

Who can navigate the tricky ins-and-outs of grown-up rules, like minding impossible-to-remember manners, eating liver that tastes like a tailpipe, or finishing that Really Huge Giant Yacht-Sized Big Gulp you started?

Captain Flamingo! That’s who!

Armed with his backpack of powerful joke store novelty items, Milo Powell saves the day every time with a little help from his best pal, anonymous sidekick and not-so-secret admirer, Lizbeth.

So are you a kid in need in a grown-up’s world? Have no fear. Just call out, “Uh-oh, Flamingo!” and the good Captain will soon be there to save the day in a way you’ll never expect.

Captain Flamingo. Looking out for kids in a big-beaked way!

Produced for YTV. A Breakthrough Entertainment, Heroic Film Company, Atomic Cartoons and Phillipine Animators Group co-production. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.


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Captain Flamingo


Captain Flamingo: Uh-Oh Flamingo!