Children of Chelm

| 1 x 30

In the village of Chelm, the only ones with any common sense at all are the children – but even their puzzling logic only makes sense in Chelm!

The Children of Chelm animates the classic tales that have become funnier and more beloved with time. The Chelm stories have been told and retold at family gatherings and as bedtime stories for over 100 years. Many happy childhood memories begin with a parent saying, “Once there was a tiny village by the name of Chelm where everyone was sillier than the next.”

Combining Aesop’s Fables with the humour of Woody Allen, the half-hour pilot episode entitled `Tree of Fools’ is narrated by Grandma Rachel who is a wise (and wise-cracking) old woman. Rachel tells a story that begins on the eve of the Great Cherry Festival – when a greedy, petulant king wants to steal all the cherries for himself. But as 11-year-olds Anna and David try to stop the king from ruining their festival, the silliness of Chelm logic gets them out of one sticky situation and into another. It’s not long before Anna and David have to contend with a runaway boulder, a feather snowstorm, a captured moon and, of course, a giant chicken!

Children of Chelm is produced by Breakthrough Entertainment and Pitchi Poy. Animated by Funbag Animation Studios.

Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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