Blackmailed by a rogue CIA agent, brilliant MIT student Anja Caspari joins a young team of radicalized recruits to neutralize Sam Meyers, a dangerous mercenary—and the man she loves.

At 27, Anja Caspari is finishing her Masters in biological engineering at MIT. Smart, sharp, and driven, she’s come a long way since she slipped into drug addiction following her father’s death. Today, Anja’s clean and focused, riding a full scholarship and well on her way to a promising career in bio-medical technology. She’s also sleeping with a murderer. She just doesn’t know it. For the past year, Anja’s been in a relationship with one of her professors, the brilliant Dr. Sam Meyers. They kept it casual, discreet. But lately, Sam seems like he might want something more, something deeper. And Anja’s starting to feel the same way.

Created by Simon Smith.

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