Class Act

| 13 x 30

In this series we follow the passion, determination, dreams and realities in the lives of the performers at Toronto’s Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts.Like the fictional school in the film and television series Fame, the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts is the premier Canadian “triple threat” institution – demanding professional proficiency in acting, singing and dancing. Every year, thousands of young people from all over the country flock to Toronto to follow their dreams of a career in the performing arts. In Class Act, we will witness the process that nurtures up-and-coming Canadian talent, all the way to the stage.

Class Act brings all of the pathos of a dramatic series together with the adrenaline of a reality-based series. In 13 half-hours, we become enthralled with the intense struggle, competition, courage and ambition of the few students selected from thousands for the two-year, six-term program. We will follow them as they attempt to succeed not only in their training, but also in this transitional time of their lives. We observe the daily rehearsals, rituals and social subcultures.The show features individual stories like the intense competition involved in auditioning for the Randolph Academy, a school-wide triple threat contest determining who excels in all three disciplines (singing, dancing and acting), Academy patron Gregory Hines teaches a master tap class, and a young single mother tries to secure an agent.

Worldwide rights available. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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