| 82 x 30

Filmography is a fast-paced, fascinating series of biographical insights detailing the lives and achievements of your favorite screen stars — from Hollywood legends to Tinseltown’s up-and-coming young talents as well as the blockbuster Movies that made them famous.

Each episode goes beyond a review of commercial successes to explore each star’s childhood, upbringing, hometown, school experiences, early struggles and disappointments. The result is an in-depth and insightful portrait of some of Hollywood’s most intriguing personalities.

Filmography profiles celebrities at various stages of their careers, as well as candid interviews with co-workers, friends, family members, classmates and business associates who offer their own take on each subject’s remarkable determination and success.

Filmography goes even further and takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the making of some of the most treasured films of all time.

Produced by Pyramid Productions. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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