For King & Empire

| 6 x 60

For King & Empire is a documentary series that tells the stories of ordinary Canadians who fought extraordinary battles during the First World War.

It is composed of six episodes, each representing a turning point in the Great War: Ypres, the Somme, Vimy, Passchendaele, the Battles of the Last Hundred Days, and the Legacy of the War. By depicting walking tours of each battleground, For King & Empire explores the significance of the battle and what was at risk, the initial strategies and what actually transpired.

But more than detailing a particular conflict, with Norm Christie as the host and military historian that guides viewers, For King & Empire explores the experiences and emotions of the Canadian soldiers, their remarkable endurance and their supreme sacrifices.

For King and Empire is produced in association with History Television Inc., Saskatchewan Communications Network, The Knowledge Network, and the Access Network with the Millennium Bureau of Canada.

Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment Inc. Worldwide rights available.


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For King and Empire