Hollywood’s 10 Best

| 99 x 30

Viewers get nothing but the A-List with Hollywood’s 10 Best… a countdown of the biggest ‘big screen’ moments and stars.

In each entertaining episode, the actors, directors, and writers discuss the highlights and nuances of their films.

Episodes can be grouped into themes, presenting a number of movies with a shared motif:

•“Coming of Age Movies” celebrates some of the most endearing films of all-time, those stories with universal themes that audiences have been relating to for generations.

•“Dating Movies” recalls both the comedic and dramatic experiences of characters engaged in the familiar process of looking for love.

•“New York Stories” compares the different ways in which filmmakers view the Big Apple — how the city’s geography and people influence the stories they choose to tell.

The international appeal of movies make them one of our culture’s most pervasive and persuasive forms of mass media and Hollywood’s 10 Best continues to be one of the most popular international properties for those broadcasters looking to offer their viewers the glamour of tinsel town.

Produced by Pyramid Productions. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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