Hollywood’s Greatest Mysteries

| 39 x 30

A hot-blooded detective with a checkered past answers the call to investigate a murder scene…. A psychiatrist struggles to help a child with paranormal visions…. A rookie FBI officer tries to outwit an infamous serial killer….. A fugitive hunts a one-armed man…. Chalk outlines and suspicious packages.

Hollywood’s Greatest Mysteries: Movies That Kill is a new series that examines our fascination with movie thrillers, mysteries and whodunits.

Each episode approaches a new theme through a combination of exclusive interview clips, stylistic re-enactments and behind-the-scenes footage. To keep the viewer engaged, creative storytelling techniques present the subjects as mysteries in and of themselves — with suspects and clues for the audience to investigate.

Hollywood’s Greatest Mysteries: Movies That Kill sits down with masters of the craft including Brian De Palma, Elmore Leonard, Clint Eastwood and also cross-examines the actors who portray the detectives and murderers, cop and robbers we love to spend time with.

With atmospheric and modern music, art deco art design and a unique perspective on one of the art form’s oldest genres, Hollywood’s Greatest Mysteries: Movies That Kill is a documentary series sure to top a viewer’s most wanted list.

Produced by Pyramid Productions. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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