I Love Mummy

| 26 x 30

I Love Mummy is a live-action comedy series for a family audience.

Thirteen-year-old James and his wacky, working-class family inherit a 3,250 year old mummy who promptly comes to life, puts his spoiled, regal, Ancient Egyptian feet up on the coffee table and proceeds to hog the remote. There’s really nothing like a teenage Pharaoh in the house to fill the place with hijinx, crack an introverted boy out of his shell and give new perspective to the sheer craziness of our overly technical, hyperactive, New Millennial lives. The Barnes’ inherit a house from an eccentric, Egyptology-obsessed great aunt. New town. New neighbours. The place is just stuffed with ancient artifacts … most notably the sarcophagus in the attic.

Messing around immediately ensues. James figures out the hieroglyphics and before you can say Queen Nefertiti, the mummy emerges and this family’s got themselves a walking, talking, Ancient Egyptian prince named Nuff.

Nuff has been stuck in Ancient Egyptian purgatory the last 3,232 years. Seems the gods want him to do a little make-up work on his soul before he’s granted entrance into the Golden Palace. His sarcophagus is equipped with an immensely thick scroll that lists the 3,242 tasks he is required to perform before moving on (one for each year in the afterlife, plus 10 for bad behaviour).

Nuff has no interest in returning to the waiting room. He decides to grace the Barnes’ with his pre-Golden Palace presence. So the Barnes’ have themselves a 3,250 year-old house guest and a very big secret. Nuff’s sarcophagus is moved upstairs, they tell the new neighbours he’s an exchange student with a bad case of eczema and everyone gets on with their daily lives as best they can while Nuff and James tackle the tasks one week at a time.

I Love Mummy is a Canada/UK Co-Production. Produced by Breakthrough Entertainment Inc. and Winklemania Productions Ltd.


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I Love Mummy