| 1 x 93

Intervention offers a fly-on-the-wall bitter-sweet glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors when an eclectic group of people drawn from all walks of life find themselves under one roof for twenty-eight days with one thing in common – addiction. INTERVENTION exposes the reality of that crazy world where disorders of dysfunction – the “3-Ds” (drink, drugs and depression) are dealt with.

Director: Mary Mcguckian

Cast: Charles Dance, Donna D’errico, Gary Farmer, Colm Feore, Kerry Fox, Rupert Graves, Ian Hart, Andie Macdowell, Russell Means, Bill Paterson, John Sessions, Sara Stockbridge, Jennifer Tilly

Produced By: Jeff Abberley, Martin Katz, Mary McGuckian. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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