Jenny and the Queen of Light

| 1 x 60

Six-year-old Jenny has recently lost her father and has just moved to a new town. It’s the holiday season and Jenny plans to make their Hanukkah the best ever with the help of her imaginary hero the Hanukkah Queen. The Hanukkah Queen is a magical figure to Jenny, made of light, who watches over everyone, making sure that every family is warm and happy.

Jenny weaves an elaborate portrait of the Hanukkah Queen, pulling her fascinated friends into the fantasy, while causing a lot of unintended trouble for others. When Jenny’s family finally realizes the truth about the Hanukkah Queen, Jenny is able to bring her family together and make their holiday the best one ever.

Jenny and the Queen of Light is co-produced with Metaphor Enterprises. Produced in association with Global Television Network, a CanWest Company.

Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment Inc. Worldwide rights available.


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