Kinderblock 66: Return to Buchenwald

| 1 x 87

In early 1945, Jewish children from all over Europe were transferred into Block 66 of the notorious Buchenwald Concentration Camp. On April 11, 1945, the camp was liberated, and nearly 1000 boys survived. Kinderblock 66 tells the story of four men who, as young boys, were imprisoned and on April 11, 2010, returned to Buchenwald to commemorate the sixty-fifth anniversary of their liberation. The film tells the story of the effort undertaken by the camp’s Communist-led underground to protect and save Jewish children who were arriving in Buchenwald toward the end of the Holocaust. Kinderblock 66 also tells the story of Antonin Kalina, the head of the Block who was personally responsible for saving 904 boys in Buchenwald.

Director: Rob Cohen

Produced By: Steven Moskovic, Brad Rothschild. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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