Med Students

| 23 x 30

Genre: Factual

Format: 23 x 30

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Meet real doctors in training.

Are doctors different from the rest of us? Are they somehow born equipped to do the things that most of us don’t have the courage, let alone the skill, to do?

The reality is that no one is born specially wired to face the emergency room or the operating room or the intensive care unit.

Medical students and residents have to face their fears to acquire the experience they need to help the rest of us through life’s most challenging obstacles.

Viewers will get to know these students both in and out of the hospital. Share in their lives as they navigate the ups and downs and ‘firsts’ of medical school, from delivering a baby, diagnosing a disease or amputating a limb, to being accepted by other doctors.

Med Students is a dramatic documentary series that takes audiences to the world renowned McMaster University Medical School for a behind-the-scenes look at the real life challenges faced by medical students and residents on their journey to become doctors.

Each episode of Med Students features three stories and includes self-contained as well as serialized story arcs and features a cast of recurring subjects to entice viewers to return week after week.


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