Mini Monsters of Amazonia

| 1 x 60

Genre: Factual

Format: 1 x 60

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Breakthrough Entertainment/Mona Lisa Production co-production in association with CBC’s Nature of Things (Canada) and Arte (France)

Produced in association with CBC’s The Nature of Things, Mini Monsters of Amazonia is a groundbreaking scientific / adventure documentary special that follows a group of international scientists to Ecuador, the most complex bio-diverse region on the planet. Our team of experts will, for the first time, reveal the unexplained mysteries of the treehoppers – also referred to as “mini-monsters.”

Now under the threat of extinction, treehoppers are one of the most incredibly complex, long living survivors that nature has ever produced. While they may appear to be bizarre mini-monsters to some, they are absolute masterpieces of biodiversity to others, poorly understood by the world’s scientific community. Being both rare and difficult to find, they have been inadequately studied, rarely photographed, and never been filmed for television.

The search and discovery of these mysterious insects will be recorded with sophisticated macro-photographic techniques to create a premier event, in both film and scientific domains.


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