Opening: Bestellen

| 8 x 30

Genre: Lifestyle, Food & Cuisine

Format: 8 x 30 HD

Produced by: Riverbank Pictures

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment.

Opening: Bestellen gives the viewer a front row seat as up and coming chef/owners lay everything on the line to create an ambitious restaurant from scratch.

After almost winning Top Chef and watching a few of his close friends open highly successful restaurants on their own terms, Rob Rossi decided it was his turn.  Rob left his executive chef position with a restaurant group and along with a partner, mixologist extraordinaire Ryan Sanfield, signed a lease on a run down space that was once a grocery store.  They knew that it wouldn’t be easy opening Bestellen, a casual and energetic eatery that would serve simple and honest food inspired by local farmers with a special cocktail list. The restaurant of their dreams would in fact be more difficult to start than they could ever have imagined.

With the whole project threatened, only one thing is certain. They will never give up.

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