Opening: Campagnolo

| 8 x 30

Genre: Lifestyle, Food & Cuisine

Format: 8 x 30 HD

Produced by: Riverbank Pictures

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Craig Harding’s got a lot on his plate. A hot young chef with big dreams, Craig’s risked everything he has to finance his dream of creating the next hit restaurant. Can he pull it off, or has he bitten off more than he can chew?

Opening: Campagnolo invites viewers into the high-stakes game of opening a hot restaurant in a world-class city. Craig pushes his skill,determination and stamina to the limit in his pursuit of restaurant glory. It’s not easy creating the perfect interior, navigating through the endless bureaucratic red tape, and hiring a first-class staff — not to mention constructing a flawless rustic Italian menu that will capture the imaginations (and palates!) of an entire city.

Craig’s got the dream and he’s got the drive. Can he beat the odds and succeed in the cut-throat world of haute cuisine, or will he lose it all?


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