| 20 x 30

Ride is a half hour dramedy for tweens and follows adventures of fourteen year-old Katherine ‘Kit’ Bridges. Kit has pressured her dad, Rudy, to take a job at the prestigious Covington Academy, an elite Equestrian Boarding School and the home to some of the wealthiest, most privileged teens in the world. Moving to England is a huge shift for both of them in many ways – including moving on from her mother’s death.

Kit is at the center of the series as she discovers the fascinating new world and culture she’s been suddenly immersed in. When the formidable Lady Covington, headmistress of the school, points out that “you are only as strong as your weakest rider,” Kit can feel every set of eyes on her. She will have to shed her well-founded phobia of riding – and quickly.

The challenges of competing as a horsewoman and understanding a foreign, deeply ingrained culture will be thrown at Kit in each episode, and she will simultaneously have to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of friendship, romance and teen-hood. Her closest companion along the way will be a troubled horse named TK and the two will heal and inspire each other within their very special bond. Before Kit knows it, she’s outfitted with jodhpurs, a helmet and a school jacket and guiding TK into the training ring.

Kit’s coming of age will not in spite of all the challenges that Covington Academy presents – it will be because of them.

Co-produced with U.K.’s Buccaneer Media in association with Nickelodeon and YTV.

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