Robot Zoo

| 13 x 30'/26 x 11'

Somewhere in the far flung galaxy exists an out-of-this-orbit world known as Planet Bot where zany retro Robots live, work and play. Take a trip with Zoiboid and his Family as they visit the hottest spot on Planet Bot, the Robot Zoo, where futuristic fun and adventure awaits.

Come along with the Pholon and Bexera as they find themselves in one hilarious adventure after another as they race on the backs of bouncing Robots, swim with the Seatrons, or end up in an AirDroid with a mind of its own.

This series is full of cutting-edge humour and exciting visuals in a world where imagination writes the programming and the dial is set for fun. Come along with these adventurous robots, and see what awaits you at the Robot Zoo! You never know what will happen next with these colorful characters.

Produced by Niolan Entertainment. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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