Running America

| 1 x 86

Running America follows elite adventurer Charlie Engle and the only person in the world to complete the Triple Crown of Extreme Sports, Marshall Ulrich, as they set out on their record-breaking run in 2008 from San Francisco to New York (3,063 miles in 46 days!). To accomplish this milestone, the runners would have to average close to 70 miles each day! However, in the first steps of their journey, the story they set out to tell changed, and the country began to change. Running America showcases breathtaking running footage across the distinctive portraits of the U.S. landscape, and Charlie & Marshall as they experience humanizing emotions that can be related to by the experienced and novice running enthusiast. Running America captures one of the most defining and difficult years in American history as the platform and backdrop for an amazing and unpredictable expedition.

Director: Kevin Kerwin

Featuring: Charlie Engle, Marshall Ulrich

Produced by: Charlie Engle, James Knape, Ari Friedman, Larry Meistrich. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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