Running the Sahara

| 1 x 102

This powerful and inspirational documentary chronicles an attempt by three ultra marathoners to run across the entire length of Africa’s Sahara Desert, tackling not only the elements, but also unimaginable physical and emotional obstacles. Their goal is to run across 6 African countries, anticipating 2 marathons per day, for 80 days … without a day off. Charlie Engle from the USA, Kevin Lin from Taiwan, and Ray Zahab from Canada, have run together in marathons before. But this time is different. This isn’t a race. It’s a grueling test of will and a chance to accomplish something that no known person has ever achieved. Running the Sahara features a score produced by Hans Zimmer, composed by Heitor Pereira, with songs from U2, Pearl Jam and original songs performed by Wyclef Jean and the African Children’s Choir. Narrated and executive produced by Matt Damon.

Director: James Moll

Featuring: Charlie Engle, Kevin Lin, Ray Zahab And Narrated By Matt Damon

Produced by: Matt Damon, Marc Joubert, Larry Tanz, Keith Quinn. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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