Sam Pynn – The Party

| 1 x 60

This 1-hour special weaves together two storylines with the warmth, happiness and celebratory nature of the holiday season. While assembling a great holiday party, Sam visits the decorated spaces of her favourite designers to give her inspiration. The tours reveal beautiful seasonal spaces, clever ideas for entertaining, and great DIY projects. But Sam isn’t just touring gorgeous homes, she is interacting with people she knows and loves. The discussion is about wonderful festive design, but it’s also about the poignant moments and great memories created in these spaces. In between the home tours, Sam shares decor information that furthers her party preparations. The finale is Sam’s own party, and the designers are all invited. As Sam’s space is revealed, we realize that she has taken wonderful inspiration from each of the places she visited along the way.

Produced by Westwind Pictures. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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