Save Yourself

| 1 x 88

Crystal is the tough-as-nails director, Dawn is the by-the-numbers producer, Kim is the girl-next-door lead actress, Sasha is the promiscuous supporting actress and Lizzy is the loner writer.

Together, the five women have made a fun and bloody horror film. Before heading to Los Angeles, the ladies screen their movie in a sleepy town – but they may never be heard from again. Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Crystal goes missing and the others set out to look for her. Their search leads them to a secluded old house and before they know it, they are all taken prisoner by the mysterious couple living there.

Trapped in the house, the five women become unwitting subjects for the couple’s bizarre research. As they struggle for survival, they uncover a deeper purpose behind the horrifying experiments and realize that truth is stranger than fiction.

Director: Ryan M. Andrews

Starring: Jessica Cameron, Tristan Risk, Ry Barrett

Produced by Post City Sound Inc. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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