Science Max: Experiments at Large

| 26 x 30

Winner of the 2017 Canadian Screen Award for ‘Best Children’s or Youth Non-Fiction Program or Series’.

Have you ever done a science experiment and wondered “What would this be like if it was HUGE?”

Welcome to Science Max: Experiments at Large, an exciting new series hosted by Phil McCordic that turbo charge’s table top experiments that are usually done in the classroom science lab.

An episode starts with Phil demonstrating a small scale experiment and showing the audience how they can do it at home.

The experiment then moves from the table top to being SUPER SIZED: Phil takes the ingredients, the location, and the equipment to a whole new level! Much emphasis is put on the trial and error aspect of how to make the experiment bigger: Phil and his team progress through various stages to come up with the best design to make the experiment successful on a maxed out scale.

Produced in association with TVOKids. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.


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Science Max: Experiments at Large