Swap TV

| 39 x 30

Swap TV is a fun, fast-paced documentary television program for tweens and teens. Two kids swap lives for a full weekend to have fun and challenge themselves as they experience life’s diversity firsthand. These “swappers” are not just kids with intense hobbies; they have unique and compelling lifestyles.

We follow these kids through the anticipation, immersion, adaptation, and personal interpretations of their experiences. The swappers, and in turn the viewers, break down stereotypes, increase their social awareness and acceptance, satisfy their curiosities, and most importantly, have tons of fun along the way. The kids are unique, the switches outrageous, the tasks and challenges wacky and entertaining – all making for compelling programming.

In each episode, the two swappers introduce themselves in their own environments so viewers can get a sense of the change of pace that they are about to experience. Then the swap begins. Each kid packs his/her bags and heads off to spend an entire weekend in his/her fellow swapper’s life. Each swapper spends the duration of the weekend partaking in activities exactly as the kid whose life he/she is “trying” would.

To add to the excitement, each swapper must outline two challenges for the other to try during the swap weekend. The cameras follow the kids consistently, catching their very candid reactions and responses to the various new situations they encounter. Swap TV encourages children to exchange experiences, explore different lifestyles, and expand their horizons.

Swap TV is an important showcase for Canadian Diversity: Canada is a country of incredible diversity. We have so much to offer – in culture, beliefs, traditions, climate and geography. By taking children out of their comfort zones and showing them what other children experience, we will be expanding their notion of what Canada and the world has to offer.

Produced with the assistance of TV Ontario.

Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment Inc. Worldwide TV and Format rights available.


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