Adventures of Napkin Man, The

| 30 x 30 / 60 x 12

The Adventures of Napkin Man is a preschool series about a brand new kind of superhero, one who helps children better understand and manage their feelings.  Every episode begins in a preschool classroom where the teacher, Mister Anthony, comes upon a student who is having a problem:  She’s nervous about a haircut.  He’s going on a trip to another country for the first time.  Or her best friend is moving away.  Mr. Anthony pulls out his special felt-tip pen and draws the whimsical, irreverent Napkin Man, who leaps off the napkin and comes to life as an animated character!  Every show features a new story in which Napkin Man helps an animated child who is struggling with a problem very similar to the problem the real child is having in the classroom.  By episode’s end, both kids have learned from Napkin Man how to better understand and manage their feelings as well as how to handle the situation.

Created by Josh Selig and Tone Thyne.

Produced in association with CBC Television. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.


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