The Droogles

| 13 x 30'/26 x 11'

Welcome into the creative fantasy world of your new friends The Droogles!

Combining traditional puppets with cut-out 2-D animation, each exciting episode creates a unique world for a new generation of pre-school and kindergarten viewers to enjoy.

Woven into stories, songs and learning activities, The Droogles are a fun-loving cast of flying creatures who explore their world from A to Z!

Droogles are a curious, clumsy, and slightly mischievous bunch with a kind nature to make-up for any serious wrong-doing. These fantasy creatures resemble baby Dragons, yet their small wings seldom take them anywhere. Most of the time, they wander about town like kids on a playground, extremely excited about every new thing waiting to be discovered.

Produced by Niolan Entertainment. Disributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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