Edge of Extinction, The

| 1 x 60

Genre: Factual

Format: 1 x 60

Produced: in association with Discovery Channel Canada. Also produced in association with Access: The Education Station, Knowledge Network, Saskatchewan Communications Network, and TVOntario.

The Edge of Extinction follows an intrepid team of scientists to the coast of Trinidad’s rainforest in their quest to save the Leatherback sea turtle from extinction. Every year, fishing nets accidentally entangle and kill Leatherbacks in the thousands. The team’s mission is to conduct a unique set of experiments on the Leatherback sea turtle’s hearing. If their tests can prove the Leatherback’s ability to hear, the use of sonar devices could literally save one of the oldest creatures in the world.

In this one-hour documentary, viewers witness the cutting-edge research of a Canada-U.S. team of marine biologists as they attempt to keep the Leatherback sea turtle – our last link to the age of the dinosaur – alive.

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