Flyaway, The

Genre: Adventure Feature Film

Creators: Chris Aronoff, AnnMarie Aronoff, Nate Bower

The Fly Away is a modern-day adventure film for a PG audience.

THE FLY AWAY is a about Madi, a broken-hearted 16 year-old girl who was recently dumped by her boyfriend and is stuck spending her summer helping out her Grandpa Myron, a former fighter-pilot, at a World War II aviation museum. Wanting to distract Madi from her teen agst, Myron charms Madi into some flying lessons with him, an experience that Madi enjoys much more than she thought she would.

One night Madi catches Myron and his WW II fighter-pilot comrades secretly fly off in their P-51 Mustangs, mysteriously disappearing in a flash of light. Using a time machine (a ‘die Glocke’) built by the Germans in the war that the squadron has held secretly at the museum, Myron and his squadron set out on a mission to find the other die Glocke that they know has been in the hands of the Nazi’s since the war. What they don’t know is that Madi’s younger brother Liam snuck into the back of one of their planes before they flew off in the middle of the night.

When three of the four pilots return, without Myron and Liam, and inform Madi of the trouble Myron and Liam are in back in 1940’s Germany, Madi insists on returning with the pilots to help rescue her family and destroy the other die Glocke to prevent it from being used by the Nazi’s to change the course of history.

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