Mayor of Strawberry Fields, The

| 1 x 38

The Mayor of Strawberry Fields is a moving look into the quirky homeless subculture living in Central Park. Gary, the self-proclaimed “Mayor” of Strawberry Fields, has lived at John Lennon’s Imagine Memorial and decorated it with flowers for the past 14 years. Thousands of tourists see his labor of love daily, while he sits on as the “silent” artist. This short documentary delves deep into Gary’s euphoric yet dysfunctional life on the streets, and takes the audience into a world only a true rock and roll fan would understand. Like any average Joe, Gary has a wife, a dog and a happy job. His unorthodox profession has started to make his artwork yet another landmark of Manhattan, and through his own self promotion, made him a celebrity in his own right. Maybe this “bum” actually has more to say than you’d think…

Director: Nate Harar, Torre Catalano, Chris Harar

Produced By: Torre Catalano. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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