Standbys, The

| 1 x 76

Every night on Broadway dozens of the best performers aren’t on stage. They are backstage; standing by. Those performers who are so talented that huge Broadway productions trust them to carry an entire show, all at a moment’s notice. The unique and challenging lives of Broadway’s understudies and standbys are revealed in this evocative behind-the-scenes documentary. Three amazingly gifted but undiscovered performers are profiled. Their struggles and triumphs, onstage performances and private lives are put on display. All of them are fighting against long odds with the hope that one day their hard work will finally earn them a moment in the spotlight to prove what they’re capable of.

The Standbys is for everyone who loves show business, and those who aspire to make their mark.

Director: Stephanie Riggs

Featuring: Ben Crawford, Merwin Foard, Alena Watters, John Leguizamo, Eric Petersen, Zachary Quinto, Daniel Radcliffe

Produced By: Stephanie Riggs, Steven C. Beer, Lily Fan, John Pinckard. Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.

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