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Jimmy Two Shoes

52 x 30'/104 x 11'

What happens when you take a thrill-seeking optimist and plunk him down in Miseryville, the meanest, nastiest place around? You get the uproarious animated series Jimmy Two-Shoes! Along with his oddball best friends, Heloise and Beezy, Jimmy manages to breeze through all the doom and gloom to bring his raucous enthusiasm to the whole town.

Despite the best efforts of the manaical Lucius Heinous VII, Miseryville’s overlord-in-chief, Jimmy just keeps finding ways to make misery fun again!

Jimmy Two-Shoes is created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott.

Produced in association with Teletoon(Canada).

Disney-ABC ESPN Television has TV distribution rights for Europe and the Middle East.

For other territories, please contact