A Spice Odyssey

From the basil battlefields of Genoa to the sublime saffron fields of Kashmir, Spice Odyssey explores the incredible world of spice – its unique flavors, people and stories. James Beck, our intrepid spice entrepreneur, takes us on a mouth-watering journey and epic eating adventure to explore and understand spice culture around the world. James sources the most amazing, fire breathing and spicy foods on the planet.

James “Wreck” Beck is oft referred to as a hot sauce guru, culinary masochist and out of his mind. He has a “twisted gift” that allows him to eat any quantity of any spice naturally found on this earth without coughing, fainting or even a single hiccup. James’ special palette and unique heat ingesting system affords him the luxury of tasting and describing “off the charts” spice, to the astonishment of even his own personal doctor.

He’s the founder of EatMoreHeat.com, currently the online purveyor of spicy foods and hot sauces. Building his business from the ground up has allowed James to build a special network of connections and relationships with eccentric and passionate spice experts and sellers around the world.

James is truly an authentic and intrepid spice trekker dedicated to finding the most unique and rarefied spices around the globe.

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