Combat Forces

| 26 x 30

Genre: Factual

Format: 26 x 30

Produced by: JENCOR Entertainment

Distributed by: Breakthrough Entertainment

Combat Forces  is a 26-part documentary series profiling what young soldiers, sailors and airmen go through to be among the best of the best. From intense combat maneuvers to highly competitive physical fitness challenges, each episode follows the military as it prepares for possible deployment to hotspots throughout the world. Viewers will witness urban warfare training, fighter jets in heated aerial dog fights, the intense drama of divers disarming a bomb, and heavy armored tanks like they’ve never been seen before.

Shot in High Definition, cameras travel the globe to show the best that militaries have to offer. Using point of view perspectives and detailed CGI animation Combat Forces is the most realistic action oriented documentary series ever produced for television.

Combat Forces will take you inside the ranks…deep inside the blood, sweat, and tears that IS the intensity of combat training.

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